Body Process New Cover

Jim Kepner – Jim is a psychologist in private practice in Shaker Heights, Ohio, trainer, and the author of the books:

  • Body Process: working with the body in psychotherapy (1987/99), considered a fundamental text in Gestalt therapy curricula a classic in the area of body-oriented psychotherapy, and
  • Healing Tasks: psychotherapy with adult survivors of childhood abuse (1995), which presents a holistic and holographic model for understanding the growth processes in recovery from childhood trauma.

Jim is the founder of Gestalt Body Process Psychotherapy (GBPP). He has been continuously developing extensions of the theory and practice outlined in my book as well as developing and integrating hands-on methods within his psychotherapeutic framework.

Jim serves on the professional staff of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland (GIC), and where he co-founded and currently co-chairs the program Working with Physical Process. Jim conducts training workshops internationally in GBPP, the Healing Tasks model, and in application of subtle energy methods to body psychotherapy and spiritual development.
He has been a student of martial arts, include 27 years of study in Ba Kua Chang and Tai Chi. He is deeply devoted to energy arts and spiritual development and the appreciation of the body as our means for manifesting soul. Jim is also the co-developer with Carol DeSanto of Nervous System Energy Work and a broad based approach to subtle energy, spiritual development and healing called the Pathways Approach (seewww.pathwaysforhealing.com).

Jim received his BA degree (1976) in Psychology, magna cum laude, and his MA degree (1978) in Clinical Psychology, both from Cleveland State; he was granted his Ph.D. degree (1982) in Counseling Psychology from Kent State University.

Lourdes Quiroz Kepner

Is a Gestalt therapist, human development coach and energy worker living in Cleveland, Ohio. She has been a Gestalt therapist and trainer for over 23 years. Lourdes works with Jim as a facilitator and assistant in his Gestalt Body Process Psychotherapy workshops as well as in teaching the application of Nervous System Energy work.

Lourdes was a co-founder and Academic Director of UPAD, a Gestalt training institute in Guadalajara, Mexico, where she was a senior trainer and marketing director. She has published and presented widely on Work with dreams, group process development, and holds certificates in Nervous System Energy Work, Gestalt Body Process Psychotherapy, Gestalt Psychotherapy with specialties in dreams, children. Music Therapy and a Master Degree in Human Development

Lourdes was Academic Director of the Masters in Human Development Program (Equivalent to a Masters in Counseling) at ITESO University, Guadalajara, Mexico, where she taught and Supervised students for 27 years.

As a Certified Practitioner of Nervous System Energy Work, Lourdes has a particular interest in integrating hands-on energy methods with Gestalt awareness and Gestalt Body Process therapy. With her experience in working with dreams, with intuition and with subtle aspects of consciousness, her energy work draws her clients gently and deeply into the places of wisdom they have within them.

Lourdes’ has been studying with Jackie Lowe-Stevenson and her herd, Spirit of Leadership Services LLC, learning Jackie’s method of experiential coaching and leadership training with horses. This work is a great passion of hers and has opened the doors to their own deeper wisdom tradition of work with the spirit of the earth, the four-legged and winged ones.


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