Gestalt dreamwork in dreamy Esalen!

Please join us for a deep five day dive into Gestalt practice with dreams… in the dreamy beauty and energy of Esalen and Big Sur!

Awakening the Dream: Gestalt Practice of Working with Dreams, Symbols and Fantasies- with Jim Kepner & Lourdes Quiroz-Kepner

Therapists, coaches, and facilitators in human development need to access resources and insight that may not be readily available in the client’s current awareness. The Gestalt approach has unique and specific ways to develop and illuminate these hidden resources by working with dreams, fantasies, stories, and symbols – things that are part of everyone’s experience. These can be like tightly packed treasure boxes that reveal jewels hidden in plain sight. The Gestalt approach offers many ways to unpack these rich sources of meaning.

During this workshop for health and healing professionals, we will blend didactic learning about dream work, experiential exercises to practice principles with one another, and guided by the leaders, work as a group on your dreams, fantasies, and symbols. Esalen itself is a dreaming place, and there are opportunities to be dreamed by its spirit as well as let it deepen your dreaming nature.

Lourdes brings twenty-five years of teaching and developing training programs working with dreams from Gestalt, Jungian, and other perspectives. Jim brings his knowledge base from working with embodiment and with spiritual development. Together they foster a warm and creative atmosphere for exploring this exciting realm of insight. You don’t need to remember your dreams to benefit from this workshop because all of us are dreamers, and the natural capacity we have to invest meaning in fantasies, symbols, and even ordinary objects gives anyone an access point to self-exploration.

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