Links of Interest

Pathways For Healing At Pathways you’ll find information, workshops, and training in Nervous System Energy Work (NSEW) and related energy-based spiritual development. This is the work I’ve developed with my dear colleague Carol DeSanto. The NSEW work is highly integrated into the hands-on methodology of my Gestalt Body Process Psychotherapy as are the principles of energy fields in concepts such as the Embodied Field, central to my work.

Gestalt Institute of Cleveland– one of the premier training centers for Gestalt therapy.

Gestalt News & Notes– a great source for training and workshop events going on internationally in Gestalt therapy and related topics.

The Spirit of Leadership: Experiential Learning with Horses with Jackie Lowe-Stevenson. A fabulous training experience. Jackie’s way of working with the human/horse relational field is unique and powerful. It’s difficult to describe how much impact this immersion in nature and with the four-leggeds can have on ones learning about oneself as a leader, team member or healer. From the website: “…horses respond to honest and enthusiastic relationship, credible forward-thinking leadership, and to committed and engaging team work…Horses are born natural leaders trusting their senses, knowing their purpose and taking clear action. A horse herd is inclusive – everyone belongs, everyone is essential, everyone matters. Relationship is primary in the herd – it is based on trust, clear communication, and the importance of each horse’s place in the herd.”

Natural Passages My friend Herb Stevenson, also a organizational consultant and coach, is a medicine man steeped in a deep connection to the power of the natural world to heal. He conducts some great programs for self-development. I would note especially his programs for men. It is rare to find a place where the masculine, its energy and spirit, can be honored, deepened, and cleaned of crap.

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