Publications and Articles by James Kepner


Body Process: Working with the Body in Psychotherapy. Originially (1987) Gardner Press and Jossey-Bass Publishers Inc.: San Francisco, CA. Currently published by the Gestalt Press.

(1995) Healing Tasks: psychotherapy with adult survivors of childhood abuse. Originally Jossey Bass Publishers Inc.: San Francisco. Currently published by the Gestalt Press.


(2001) “Gestalt approaches to body oriented therapy”. G
estaltReview 4(4), 262-266.

(2001) “Touch in Gestalt Body Process Psychotherapy: purpose, practice and ethics.” Gestalt Review, 5(2), 97-114.

(2003) “The embodied field”. British Gestalt Journal, 12(1), 6-14.

(2004) “The vagus nerve in body psychotherapy with early developmental dilemmas: intervention via hands-on energetic work.” Privately published by author. Link

(2008) “Commentary II: On gender differences In Gestalt Therapy.” Gestalt Review, 12(2): 124-129

(2008) “Towards a more deeply embodied approach in Gestalt therapy.” Studies In Gestalt Therapy, 2(2), 43-56.

(2008) “Nervous System Energy Work in Gestalt Body Process Psychotherapy” Link

And a translation into Spanish, Trabajo de la Energía del Sistema Nervioso (NSEW) en la Terapia Gestalt y Proceso Corporal (GBPP) Link

Articles about my work by others:

Hull, Jennifer (1997) “Listening to the body,” Common Boundary, May/June, 24-32. Link

Hemming, Judith (1996) “The tasks of healing: a review of Healing Tasks by James Kepner.”British Gestalt Journal, 5(1), 59-63.

Jamison, Carolyn (2009) “Exploring embodied experience: reflections on a workshop with Jim Kepner.” Gestalt Journal of Australia and New Zealand, 6(1), 54-57.

Robertson, Ritchie (2009) “In dialogue with Jim Kepner.” Gestalt Journal of Australia and New Zealand, 6(1), 5-20.

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