Horses, Humans and Energy Fields

This is the media from my presentation at Ohio 2013 EAHAE Conference last week in sunny Cleveland, Ohio! EAHAE is a group devoted to all kinds of experiential learning with horses. I can tell you, this work is truly wonderful stuff! Really needs to be experienced to be appreciated. It was a privilege for me to learn from this fabulous community of folks, and horses!

The slides outline the basic concepts I presented from my view of energy in horse work. There are also some links to excerpts of video from YouTube to view after the slides, where I think the principles are visible as you watch them played out. Enjoy!

Presentation Slides:


1. Chimps vs Horses- A fabulous contrast between the “move in synchrony” mode of the horses, i.e. one bubble, and the “scatter towards the threat” mode of the chimps, each with a distinct energy bubble. Excerpt from Chimps vs Horses

2. One Bubble- Shows the synchrony of movement that comes from a joined bubble of energy. Excerpt from Colorful Herd of Horses

3. Primate Troop becomes a Horse Team- Look for how team orients from individual bubble to horse.You can see the lack of synchrony in in movement, even when trying to run in circle. Not until they touch, link hands, do they seem to feel each other as a whole bubble. That last moment when the bubble gels for the team and they all step into alignment with each other. Excerpt from HorseDream Ohio 2012 One Team One Target

4. Leadership and Field- His field extends only to his hand. The horse feels no pressure from his energy, only limited pressure from the noise and activity of the flag. Horses respond to whole field, whole, embodied self.
Excerpt from Leadership Training with Horses–TlgyFw

5. The Distal Field- some good examples of how Klaus interacts at the edge between his and the horses distal field to create contact and trust. His body alignment, groundedness and maintaining his attention in his whole field/bubble rather than a pointed or focused attention (e.g. through the eyes only) means he meets the horses field substantially, and more like another horse rather than a focused predator. Also, he maintains his energy downwards by holding emotional even tone, no excitement or fear bringing his energy upwards and ungrounding him, and conveying fear to the horse. Excerpts from- The Magic of Body Language- Hempfling The Magic of Inner Peace

6. Energy Master- That’s me in my younger days and my teacher demonstrating “throw without touching” by using the energy field. I am not cooperating, trying to make him look good or anything! That look on my face staring at his hand is disbelief: I can see he is not touching me, but I’m being bowled over anyway. Actually, it’s not his hand that is producing the effect, it’s actually his whole field going downwards through mine that knocks me over. You can see him demonstrate martial arts techniques (Ba Gua, Tai Chi) at


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