The Esalen Embodied Gestalt Conference- Wow!


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I’m just back from an extraordinary week at the magical Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, where over 80 participants and presenters explored the evolving edge of embodied ways of working in Gestalt therapy.

The conference was organized and sponsored by my colleagues Michael Clemmens, Ruella Frank, and myself with plenary sessions that included body psychotherapists Bill Kornell and Mark Ludwig, and mother-infant development researcher Alan Fogel.


  • Our thanks to all the participants and presenters, who came from all points on the compass, including Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Germany, UK, Mexico, Ireland and the US. A diverse and impressive group. The embodied field they created with us is what made it happen!
  •  …And of course, thank you Esalen. Our thanks to the staff who helped us, fed us, kept the baths clean, and are such wonderful custodians of this precious and sacred resource. Thanks to the spirit of Esalen, of the water, of the sea, for the many blessings bestowed there.
  • Gordon Wheeler, the President of Esalen and the founder of the Evolution of Gestalt conference series, of which this conference was a part, gave a lovely introduction to the events. 
  • Most impressive were the two long tables full of books published by the Gestalt Press that Gordon and Deb Ulman have been nurturing over the years through their editorship. Gestalt therapy owes them much for supporting many extraordinary contributions to the Gestalt dialogue and publishing presence.
  • Slides from the Thursday plenary presentation can be found at This Link
  • For a view of the rich offerings and presenters that were involved you can download the conference information here
  • I invite participants and presenters to post comments here on the conference. Give any postings a day to show up, as I have to approve them to prevent spam postings.

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